Meet Ekaterina


               Hello Everyone!

  It's nice to see you on my website!
  If you are reading this info it means you are interested) Thank you!

              Few important facts about me:

- I'm co-founder and GM of Loft Studio. The Project of my Life)))We just opened, check my team and studio work here LOFT STUDIO WEBSITE

  - Im happiest mom of two beautiful girls in the world Dasha and Masha)

  - Im married 9 years with one best and most handsome guy

  - I like natural emotions and smiles - I dont like static photos

  - I love my car - I hate traffic

  - I love chocolate and wedding cakes- I don't like to see my weight in the morning

  - I love to sleep- I don't like to wake up

  - I like to go to the beach -don't like sand on my feet 

  - I love sunsets in Asia, its increadible beauty

  - I know korean language - I still don't know arabic (hopefully will start on September 2017)

  - I'm Russian. Was born in Siberia. Yes, It is very very cold in winter) Sometimes -45

  - I love to take photos - I don't like to retouch(

  - I live in UAE almost 9 years

  - I'm lucky - I love my work. Im very proud of my big team David, Zenya and Vlada, Nastya and Alex, Ivan, Jovy, Svetlana and me))) So professional and passion about photography and videography! Love you, guys)

  - I love my grandmothers, they are my best friends, I'm calling them every week just to say Hello and make them happy

  - I love travelling, but I never been in Europe( But one of my friend Soraya Hennessy promised to take me to travel)))Haha my best friend from America with perfect English)

  - I LOVE my sister- I hate the distance between us (about 5.000 km) Now she is living in Morocco. She is the best swimming coach!

  - I love my friends, thanks for all your support and warm hugs.

  - I love love my friends from University, every single summer i celebrate my birthday with them) 

  - Im  30 years OLD) old, old,old...haha life just started

  - My Birthday 08.08 lucky numbers , isn't it?

- I'm tall 175 cm and bit heavy)

- Photography is my passion))))

Hope I didnt make you too much boring)

Enjoy your life, be happy and Ill help you to safe The Moments To Remember

Always yours,