Welcome to my LOFT)))

So, so happy to say that the doors of Loft Studio is opened!

Emirates trough my lens


Just would like to share few photos of UAE landscapes.

These photos I made in different time, not much, because I love to work more with people and emotions)

One of the best Family I ever met

All of us dreaming about beautiful photos on the walls in the house, faces full of love, smiles . Every single moment is so important, our kids today and tomorrow alredy different, lets make and keep your best memories together!


Sparkling diamonds and millions of flowers or How I become Emirati wedding photograper

2014 Doing great my tourist photoshoots i received a call. Her name was Amina and she was asking me if Im able to shoot her wedding. Who? Me? I never been on emirati weddings, i have no idea whats going on there, but she was insisting and keep saying that she feel that i can do it and it would be great and I agreed)))

Meet me and my family

To understand more about person, you have to look at the family .

I met Andrey than I was 18 (Oh my GOD, we are together almost 12 happy years). I have two little angels (most of the time angels:) Daria and Maria, but we call them Dasha and Masha.