Meet me and my family

To understand more about person, you have to look at the family .

I met Andrey than I was 18 (Oh my GOD, we are together almost 12 happy years). I have two little angels (most of the time angels:) Daria and Maria, but we call them Dasha and Masha. Have you ever seen cartoon Masha and the Bear? Yes, its about my Masha) Also I have crazy happy dog beagle and his name is Hepy)))may be thats why he is happy)

My husband is an engineer, Daria is a very good gymnast(she can do back hand spring ) and Masha is very good and funny dancer and singer, she also in love with Santa and asking everyday why he is not coming on summer. Me...mmm...photographer) It means that I dont have weekends (because Im on we weddings) and Im busy all week days. Busy , busy mom) But Im very happy, because it seems that i finally found myself.

We love to spend time together and Im sure this is my best moments of my life. 

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