Sparkling diamonds and millions of flowers or How I become Emirati wedding photograper

Year 2014 winter.

Doing great my tourist photoshoots i received a call. Her name was Amina and she was asking me if Im able to shoot her wedding. Who? Me? I never been on emirati weddings, i have no idea whats going on there, but she was insisting and keep saying that she feel that i can do it and it would be great and I agreed)))Can you imagine, I was worried more than bride, but really tried to do my best. Amina and all her family memebers met me as old friend, it was so comfortable work together. She prepared a lot of bridal accessories and they looked amazing! It was first time ive seen red sole (only after few month I knew it was Louboutin, one of the most beautiful and not really comfortable shoes)

Ballroom! Wow! I was almost speachless! Increadible design, all guest looks like they just came from the red carpet of Oscar! Cake, chocolate, cookies, ice cream yam yam...

What else to say) Dear Amina! This big way I started from you! Thank you so much for you trust and for your amazingly warm and kind heart! Youll be always my first Emirati bride!

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